Ahieros is essentially a provider or management and information technology consulting services and solutions.  The firm connects its deep knowledge of today's businesses with the ideas and entrepreneurial energy of tomorrow's leaders creating a haven of premier professionals for the information technology industry.   

Our team consist of not only of seasoned information technology professionals, but independent and underground developers and consultants to provide that extra touch of attitude and edge for the best solutions possible.  We have alot of fun and exhilaration working with good people while developing deep skills in advanced technologies.   

We truly believe in making our employees happy.  We offer a unique employment compensation package, built upon the notion that Ahieros must attract and retain a solid foundation of professionals.  We also offer our employees the finest education, mentoring, and coaching to help our employees reach their individual career objectives and personal goals.

If you are interested in find opportunities with Ahieros, feel free to email us at